PayGate Onboard

Our latest product allows you to use PayGate and its features, even if you have chosen Online Fundraising as your integrator for MobilePay.

PayGate's features for OFR clients

No need to cancel the services of your original platform – just use our integration to extend your options to manage agreements.


  • Flexible user account structure
  • Create agreements on behalf of your subscribers
  • Powerful communication flows with your subscribers
  • Ready visual reports
  • Multiple channels for onboarding your subscribers
How it works?

Using Online Fundraising API we are making it possible to use PayGate’s features while still remaining a client of Online Fundraising.

Simply contact us to get you started on this product.

Contact us at to start the onboarding process.

Supply the your OFR API urls and tokens in PayGate’s Settings page.

And you are good to go.

Are you interested?