PayGate Dashboard

Visualize your campaign’s performancce with beautiful and informative charts. 

No need to spend time building your own reports.

Track performance of payments and agreements in Google Data Studio with beautiful and informative charts.


  • Ready-to-use reports
  • Payments statistics
  • Agreements statistics
  • Filter by specific date range
  • Share reports

Here are some of the figures you can see in our report:

  • Active agreements
  • Number of payments
  • Income
  • Dropouts
  • Number of agreements which pay
  • % agreements which don’t pay
  • Amount on average payment
  • Payments rejected
  • Retention
  • Etc.
How it works?

Contact us and we’ll send you the link the your personal Google Data Studio Dashboard ready and working.

Contact us at to receive the link to your report.

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