PayGate Collect

PayGate Collect is our latest child which is an add-on to the PayGate Subscriptions product.

PayGate Collect makes it possible for customers to be engaged through different social media, and make agreement creation as easy as clicking an ad or sending short keyword SMS to a short number.

Engage your customers through social media

No need for calls, no need for filling in forms – make it simple and easy for your customers to initiate agreements by clicking a social media ad or sending just a short keyword to our short number.


  • Advertise your SMS campaign in any media.
  • Make your ads automatically open the user's SMS app, so they only have to click Send.
  • Desktop users will fallback to a web landing page for filling in their phone number.
  • Optionally add Terms acceptance step
  • Optionally add a step for gathering more information from your customers.
How it works?

Your existing solution can be anything and integration with MobilePay can happen in many ways. So it is important that you first talk with us, so that we can advise on the best course of action.

Contact us at to start the onboarding process.

We can reserve as many keywords as you need for your different campaigns, as long as they are free.

And decide on the amount and frequency of the agreement each keyword should trigger.

Do you want to support Desktop users as well?

Will you require your customers to accept Terms?

Do you want to gather any other information from your customers other than their phone number?

Then you are all set to start advertising your keyword campaign and see an increase in your numbers.

Are you interested?